Get an Incoming Voip Phone line With SkypeIn

SkypeIn is an optional Skype Service that allows you to get an incoming phone number for your Skype Voip Service.

Skype is a Voip Voice over Internet Prototcol phone service provider. Voip uses your high speed internet access and your computer to make voice calls.


Skype breaks down their service into optional sections for you to purchase separately. Skype Unlimited, SkypeOut, SkypeIn, Skype Pro, Skype Basic, Skype Free are all different options you can get for your Service.

SkypeIn in the United States is a $60 per year. You can get your Skype In phone number in almost any area code in the US. It does not matter where you live you can get a local number in any part of the US. If you live in Montana and you want a local number in Florida you can do this with SkypeIn. Then anyone in the local calling area in Florida can call you without long distance charges. You can have a local Florida number and actually be in Mexico or London also.

  • You can get a Skype In number in 19 different countries.
  • You can receive calls on your number from any phone mobile, landline, long distance.
  • Friends in the same country as your number can call you at the local rate and SkypeIn will find you.
  • You pay for the SkypIn Subscriptions and all incoming calls are free.

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My home phone communications consist of a Prepaid Net10 cell phone and these headphones hooked to my computer with Skype Unlimited Service that costs $30 a year for unlimited calls to anywhere in the US or Canada and free unlimited calls to other Skype users anywhere in the world.

You get a discount on your SkypeIn number if you already have the Skype Pro service. Otherwise in the US it is about $60 per year.

Call ordinary phones anywhere in the world from your computer for the price of a local call with SkypeOut from

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