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Two ways to save 33 per cent or more on your Tracfone minutes.

Here are a couple of easy ways to save on your Tracfone Minutes.  First buy a Tracfone phone that gives you Triple minutes for Life.  The Refurbished TracfonSamsung S380c  is available for $9.99. LG 530G is available for $39.99, and there are several phones available for $49.99.  You can add minutes to your new Triple Minutes phone and then transfer them to your current phone---really quite easy---or just use the new Triple minutes phone.  

Another way to save 30 per cent or more on your Tracfone minutes is to buy a larger Tracfone card.  You get a lot more minutes per dollar if you buy a larger minute card.  The $20 phone card gives you 120 minutes (on a double minutes phone) 17 cents per minute.

The $30 card gives you 240 minutes (on a double minutes phone) 12.5 cents a minute.  That is 25 percent cheaper.

The $40 Tracfone card gives you 400 minutes ( on a double minutes phone) 10 cents a minute.  40 percent cheaper per minute than the $20 phone card.

Free Next Day Air shipping From  Currently you get Next Day Air shipping if you purchase your Tracfone from the Tracfone Web Site.  This is good through December 20, 2013.

 Tracfone tips to Get a Triple Minutes Phone for as little as $9.99



If you are not familiar with Prepaid cell phones they have some advantages and disadvantages when compared to regular contract phones.??

Tracfone Prepaid Disadvantages:

  • You cannot get free "In Network Calling".
  • The minutes go quickly if you are a talker.
  • Fancy Music and photo phones are not available
  • Free nights and weekends are not available.

I have really liked my Tracfone Prepaid Cell phone because it has been very inexpensive to use. I usually talk less than 100 minutes per month, but when I need it, it is very handy. I am currently using the LG 3280 Flip Phone. In the past I have used the Motorola V120, the Motorola V60i, and the Nokia 2126. I like the LG 3280 a lot. It is a small Flip phone that easily fits into my pocket. The Nokia 2126 is a really nice little CDMA phone. It has a built in Flashlight and the battery only needed charging once a week. Prepaid Tracfone Tips ranks the 2126 as a great little phone.

I have been a Tracfone user for almost three years.

I recently switched to a Net10 Lg 200c and a NET10 W375. I like both of them a lot. You can check out my reviews of them on the links below. I also recently signed up with Skype so I have several articles on Skype also. A great way to save on your home Land line Phone bill.

Tracfone Double Minutes for Life

The new Tracfone DMFL card is the best new addition check out more information on it at my Tracfone Double Minutes for Life (DMFL) page.

LG 3280 Track Phone
"Tracfone LG 3280 Prepaid Cell Phone"

Tracfone Bonus Codes

Whenever I add minutes I always use a Tracfone Bonus code to get more minutes or more activation time. Usually you can get an extra 30 minutes on a 60 minute card, 200 minutes or more on the yearly access cards or the yearly doubler access card. I always check Bonus Codes for Tracfone for the latest codes.

Net10 is the sister company to Tracfone. They use mostly the same phones and the same customer service but their rates are significantly different. They offer 10 cent minutes all the time and I recently bought 1000 minutes on their "Easy Minutes Plan" for $75.

Get a Motorola phone + 300 minutes for just $49.99 From Net10. Save $40!

Tracfone Bluetooth Motorola W376 is now available.

Tracfone Minutes

The best way to purchase Tracfone minutes  is go to Tracfone Bonus Codes page.  Then check the Bonus code you want to use on your minute card before you add the minutes to make sure you will get the bonus codes. If you do not have a DMFL phone yet buy one berfore you add minutes is at the website.

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