Plant Native Vegetation

The best vegetation to plant in Topanga is the native vegetation that has evolved in our unique Mediterranean Ecosystem over thousands of years. Besides requiring less water many native species are also more fire resistant.

For some background on how to manage landscaping and home preparedness for wildfire check out the Fire Safe Landscapes website, which includes this guidebook (in PDF format) written in part by two experts we know and have brought to Topanga: Dr. Sabrina Drill and Dr. Stephen Quarles. It's a very good overview.

Here is a comprehensive list of Fire Resistant Plants Of The Santa Monica Mountains

The Los Angeles County Fire Department's Forestry Division has oak, sycamore and other native saplings that are free of charge. The Malibu unit can be reached at (818) 222-1108. The address is 942 N. Las Virgines Road Calabasas, CA 91302. Please call first to make sure a Forester will be there to help you.

The Los Angeles/Santa Monica Mountains chapter of the California Native Plant Society has a lot of resources and information about our native plants, as well as ongoing educational programs.

The California Invasive Plants Council has a list of invasive plants for our area that should not be planted, and the native alternatives. This is a good quick way to see if what you have on your property is good for Topanga.