"Harden" Your Home & Be Ember Prepared

Embers fly through through the air, in advance of flames, and can ignite homes before the actual fire arrives. The University of Nevada has produced the Be Ember Aware brochure, which includes a simple checklist for reducing your home's vulnerability to embers. (You can also download a copy from our Downloads page.)  There are two related videos that demonstrate what it is like when the embers arrive, and how to protect your home: Be Ember Aware: Part 1  and  Be Ember Aware: Part 2  There is also an interactive website  based on the same ember proofing information.

Homes igniting, before the flames arrive, are a major reason that fires is in our wildland-urban interface spread so quickly and are so dangerous. Studies have shown that unprotected homes can burn first, and then set other homes and the surrounding vegetation on fire. As we head into the peak of fire season, we urge everyone to take these simple steps to make their homes safer. By doing so, you can reduce the risk to your home, your neighbors homes, and all of Topanga.

Download and follow the Wildfire Home Assessment & Checklist