Success Stories

This page is devoted to "success stories", proving that the techniques we are adopting to make Topanga a more Fire Adapted Community have actually worked in the "real world".

Here is a link to a video about how pre-fire mitigation worked to save homes in Colorado's 2012 Waldo Canyon Fire You can download the companion Case Study with great detail and info here .

This link is for the final report after the 2016 Fort McMurray fire in Alberta Canada. 81% of the homes that survived had a FireSmart Canada rating of "low to moderate" -meaning that they were well-prepared for wildfire. Most of the homes destroyed had "high to extreme" FireSmart ratings.

Here is a very detailed report from the US Forest Service about the 2007 Angora Fire in Lake Tahoe. Although it is a different ecosystem than Topanga, the concept of fuel modification, i.e. maintaining space between vegetation, made all the difference between areas where homes were lost and wherehomes were saved. Notice how the embers from structures that were on fire were a cause of a lot of this. The less vulnerable your home is to ignition, the safer your community is!

This July 2014 National Geographic Article says it all: Wildfire Science Shows Than Small Steps Can Save Homes, Communities

If you are planning to remodel or build a new home, check out this article on a home that survived the Thomas Fire at: