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12 January 2022: Find inexpensive ways to harden your home with Cal Fire's Low Cost Retrofit List

Read the "Near-Building Noncombustible Zone" report from IBHS on why it's so important to keep the first 5' around your house free of combustible material

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17 November 2019: L.A. County: "After Action Review of the Woolsey Fire Incident"

October 2019: L.A. County Fire Department Video: Harden Your Home

October 2019: Fire Adapted Communities: Building for Wildfire Summit: Understanding How Homes Burn and How to Build Better

3 October 2019: L.A Times: "Fireproof" Your House Guide

January 14, 2019 California Chaparral Institute: A New Wildfire Policy for California

L.A. Times, November 2018: Camp Fire and Evacuation Stories

July 2018: "Built To Burn": How scientist Jack Cohen changed the way we look at wildfire

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Behind Most Wildfires, a Person and a Spark: ‘We Bring Fire With Us’

Scientists Racing to Develop a Deeper Understanding of Wildfires

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The Lesson of How One California Home Survived Last Year's Historic Wildfires

Fire-wise Gardening - Embrace Natives, Not Embers!

You Can Make Your Home Less Vulnerable to Wildfire! -Topanga Library Presentation On Dec 4th 2017

October 9th 2017: Wildfires in Northern California Kill at Least 10 and Destroy 1,500 Buildings

June 2016: "Old Fire": Luckily the winds calmed down and Topanga was spared!

Great Online Article: Fighting Fires: You're Doing It Wrong!

Home Ignition Zone Evaluations: Praise From a Homeowner

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For more detailed info, download and and follow the Wildfire Home Assessment & Checklist

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