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@staticmethod A way to write a method inside a class without reference to the object it is being called on. So no need to pass implicit argument like self or cls. It is written exactly the same how written outside the class, but it is not of no use in python because if you need to encapsulate a method inside a class since this method needs to be the part of that class @staticmethod is comes handy in that case.

@classmethod It is important when you want to write a factory method and by this custom attribute(s) can be attached in a class. This attribute(s) can be overridden in the inherited class.

One would use @classmethod when he/she would want to change the behaviour of the method based on which subclass is calling the method. remember we have a reference to the calling class in a class method.

While using static you would want the behaviour to remain unchanged across subclasses

A comparison between these two methods can be as below