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Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI)

terraform-provider-oci is the orchestration tool for Oracle customers to manage Oracle Bare Metal Cloud Service a.k.a Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Typically, cloud micro-service (a low compute workload) runs over medium to large VM and scalability is achieved by horizontal scaling (spawning more VMs).

This works good with AWS IaaS (along with AWS auto-scaling and load balancing features)

The high compute workload differ from typical micro-service.

  • Workload requires high-compute (~30 cores CPU ~500GB RAM) instance for execution
  • Scalability is perceived as hybrid with vertical (high CPU & RAM) and horizontal (more instances)

These high compute workload requirement is addressed by both

  • AWS : High Performance Compute (HPC) virtual servers
  • OCI : High Performance Bare Metal servers

The perceived performance and security concern with virtual server (AWS) gives bare metal (OCI) the edge.

Bare Metal Cloud Services can offer consistent Memory, CPU and Storage Allocations without multi-tenant physical server that the traditional shared-cloud service model cannot.

Basically, public cloud is a shared environment where multiple Virtual Machines are fighting for the same physical resources, so performance degradation is to be expected. Therefore, if performance is key to the applications, then Bare Metal Cloud Services is probably the best option to run the application in cloud.

Oracle looks to be banking upon this perceived benefit of Bare Metal Cloud for selling to Enterprise high compute requirements like databases, big-data, etc. 

However feature rich AWS is many years ahead of Oracle Cloud and is ideal for deploying micro-services based products.

OCI Compute Offerings

OCI Compute OfferingsRefer faq.

- Bare Metal Instances

- Virtual Machine Instances

- Bare Metal GPU Instances


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