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Deployment Audit Police

This proposal is to introduce deployment auditing police across BU products, initially starting with one product.

The objective is to audit\raise gaps for deployed services.

The deployment audit team could comprise people from QA\Dev\SRE across different products

The frequency of audit could be once in 4-6 months or on-demand by product team.

Audit Principles:
a. High Availability
b. Fault tolerance measures
c. Protection against flooding
d. Disaster recovery (Defined workflow with committed recovery time and data backup)
e. Scalability
f. Alerts & Reporting
g. Upgrade transparency to customer (No connection teardown)
h. Redundancy in multiple AZ (Avialability Zone) or DC (Datacenter)
i. Jira audit with enforcement of UT (unit-test), SA (static-analysis), release notes, OPS documentation 

The audit should be agnostic of tools and focus should be to achieve the principles.

The audit principles could evolve with learning from one product and getting good practices\principles enforced across the products.