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- AWS Lambda is not ready for prime time
- AWS Lambda is terrible at error handling

AWS Lambda is not good for microservice, it's more like nanoservice which is kind of anti-pattern – It is not good to draw proper context boundary to present a business model/domain. Speaking in another way, AWS lambda is really good for coordinating/dispatching tasks based on events happened to S3, sns, dynamodb etc. Overall, after I work with lambda for a while, I think that I am not a big fun of using AWS lambda for writing any services which hold business logics.


I was invited to talk to Amazon a few months back and mentioned that they were not addressing the architectural cross cutting concern ( I noted alot of the same issues with Lambdas in the fact that they are self contained and cannot extend classes or libraries and are VERY redundant. 
Also, everything has to go outside the DMZ to be accessed (ie your databases, services, etc) so IO is very slow. 
The manager who I was speaking with told me it was NEVER meant for real API deployment and was only intended for 'small businesses' or people who needed a fast endpoint. I told him that was good because that about the only purpose it can serve.