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Code Browsing using ctags

Code Browsing using ctags

1. Copy ctags tar to your directory.
    Curent Location : \\machine\work\myuser\ctags-5.8.tar.gz 

2. Untar ctags
     cd /work/myuser
     tar -zxvf ctags-5.8.tar.gz 

3. Goto ctags directory and follow the steps:
    cd /work/myuser/ctags-5.8
     make check
     make install 

4. Goto workspace and generate ctags
    /work/myuser/ctags-5.8/ctags -R * 

5. Open vimrc and add below lines.
    cd /users/myuser
    vi ~/.vimrc
   set ts=8 sts=4 noet tw=80 sw=4
   set tags=/work/myuser/NewProject/tags
   save file and exit (!wq) 

6. Browsing the code.
    Exit out of BASH
    To go inside any API, point it and do  CTRL + }
    To go back to previous caller do CTRL + T