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The One Minute Manager

The One Minute Manager

by Kenneth Blanchard and Spencer Johnson





The One Minute Manager reveals three secrets to productive and efficient managing as told

through a young man's search for the perfect managing and leading skills. The One Minute Manager is

focused on, not surprisingly, a one minute manager. The man is a venerable leader that is highly spoken

of by his employees, his three secrets being the key to his success.



The first secret is One Minute Goals. This involves a meeting of the manager and the employee

where goals are agreed on, written down in a brief statement, and occasionally reviewed to ensure that

productivity is occurring. This whole process takes a "minute", which truly means it is a quick meeting,

however it is not limited to just sixty seconds. The purpose of one minute goal setting is to confirm that

responsibilities of each working is understood, understanding that confusion leads to inefficiency and



The second secret to one minute managing is one minute praisings. This involves being open

with people about their performance. When you catch someone doing something right, a goal of the

one minute manager, you praise them immediately, telling them specifically what they did correctly.

Pause to allow them to "feel" how good you feel regarding their importance to the organization, and

finish by shaking hands.


The third secret is the one minute reprimand. Being honest with those around you involves

reprimanding when a wrong has occurred. The first step is to reprimand immediately and specifically.

This is the same as the second secret, and it holds an important aspect of the first secret: it enables an

understanding of responsibilities and how to complete them correctly. Following the reprimand, shake

hands and remind the person that he or she is important and it was simply their performance that you

did not like. The one minute reprimand consists of the reprimand and the reassurance, both being

equally important. If you leave the latter out, you will not be liked by those around you and they will

attribute mistakes to them being worth less, which is far from the truth.




The One Minute Manager is a quick read that emphasizes key points throughout. The message is

clear, and implementing the ideas is straight-forward and laid out in the book. This makes it simple to

utilize the knowledge and techniques that the one minute manager style offers. Due to these factors, I

find The One Minute Manager an effective tool for developing leadership.