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Behavioral Pattern

  • Chain of responsibility
        A way of passing a request between a chain of objects.
  • Command 
        Encapsulates a command request in an object. OOP callback.
  • Interpreter
        A way to include language elements in a program.
  • Mediator
        Defines simplified communication between classes.
  • Memento
        Capture and restore an object internal state.
  • Null Object
        Designed to act as a default value of object.
  • Observer
        A way of notifying change to a number of object.
  • State
        Alter ab object's behavior when its state changes.
  • Strategy
        Encapsulates an algorithm inside a class.
  • Template
        Defer the exact steps of an algorithm to a subclass.
  • Visitor
        Defines a new operator to a class without change.