The Modelling Social Systems discussion group is based at the University of Southampton (UK). We are researchers from across all faculties brought together by a common interest in using computer simulation (primarily, but not exclusively, agent-based modelling) to look at the social world. We are also interested in having at least some discussion on other computational and mathematical modelling techniques for social systems.

Our meetings are designed to be fairly informal with content driven by our members. They involve a variety of activities: critiquing a paper, presenting preliminary work, brainstorming on a modelling problem, etc., with the odd external speaker. See the pages on our purpose, how the group works, and the record of meetings for more details.

All are welcome to attend; if you'd like to be on our mailing list, email the list owner. (The mailing list is very low volume---usually just one email a week regarding that week's meeting---so feel free to join it and dip in and out of meetings as you prefer.)

We meet on Tuesdays at 4:00pm. For 2015, we're starting up the group again from the 20th January.

From 2015 onwards, we normally meet in Building 32, room 3073 (Access Grid room). For those who don't have badge access to the room (no badge access is needed for the building), just knock on the room door/window. (Don't worry if this is in the middle of a meeting.) The only exceptions to this are as below:

3 February, 24 February — 32/3077 (Seminar Room)

All meetings should be on the ECS Agents, Interaction and Complexity (AIC) group events calendar (embedded in the group home page and on the Events Calendar sub-page).