unequal population distribution

Unequal population distribution

Interdisciplinary UNIT

for 2nd ESO

The objective of this task is for you to understand the demographic structure of a population, the reasons why the population is unequally distributed and how to describe population structures using population pyramids, charts and graphs.

The demographic structure of a population depends on several factors:

  • Fertility
  • Mortality
  • Migration
  • Natural resources

These factors depend on industrialization, education ( especially of women) health services, politics, wars, natural resources and natural disasters ( droughts, floods, hurricanes..)

We'll study these factors and and will compare the situation in industrialized countries and underdeveloped countries.

  1. In Geography you will have a general view of the demographic structure of the world's population.
    1. In Maths you will learn how to make bar graphs, pie charts, line or linear graphs, how to use equations and percentages of population data as tools for analysis of population structure and composition.
    2. In English you will study one of the factors that influences the reshaping of population distribution: Migration. We'll study examples and causes of migration.
    3. In Spanish you will analyze newspaper articles related to emigration and immigration: Causes of migration and social problems as a result of this.
    4. In Technology you will learn how to use graphing software such as MS Excel and the corresponding program in Lynux, Calc
  2. In Science you will study the causes and consequences of Global Warming, the impact in underdeveloped countries and consequently on migrations movements.