Why is the climate changing? 

 Before we start studying about the Global Warming we need to distinguish two concepts: weather and climate.

  • 1.  Click here and explain the difference between them. Give an example of weather and an example of climate.


  • Earth has warmed by approximately  1ºF  in the last century. Scientists think that we are responsible for the Earth getting warmer. Read about this and answer these questions:
  • 2. What is Global Warming?
  • 3. What can the consequences be?
  • The increase in atmospheric  carbon dioxide and the greenhouse effect are the main causes of  global warming. Read about the Greenhouse effect and answer these questions:
  • 4. What is it?
  • 5. What are the greenhouse gases? 
  • 6. Can you name some of them? 
  • 7.  In what situations  are we sending greenhouse gasses into the air?
  • 8.  Can you explain why when we burn fossil fuels we are sending greenhouse gasses into the air?
  • Climate change is natural, but the changes  happening now are   too  quick. 
  • 9.  Click here and explain the clear signs that show the climateis drastically changing.

  • Everybody is talking about the climate, we say that it is going crazy, but if temperatures continue rising, the consequences will be severe.
  • 9. Explain some of  the consequences  if the temperature rises between 2ºF to 7ºF . Give at least three. (You can also check this link)
      • Frightened? Everybody is responsible. Do you really think you can't do anything to stop this?
  • 10. Read about possible actions to reduce the amount of greenhouse gasses in your everyday life and decide which ones are the best.

Take a Climate Change Expedition!

  • Get your passport ready! It's time to go on a trip around to world to explore the effects of climate change all over the world. Watch the videos and answer the questions. 

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