King Arthur: between legend and reality


Arthur was a British  king who lived during the "Dark Ages" in Britain. He fought against the Saxons who wanted to conquer England.

  • What period of British History is Known as Dark Ages?
  • Why?

  • 2. But, What do we really know about Arthur?  Read about him and give as much information as possible. 

  • 3. Now we are going to  know the legendary character.Read about his childhood and complete his family tree. Family tree
  • Nobody knew that Arthur was the son of a king. When he was 15 years old he forgot his foster-brother's (hermanastro)sword for a tournament. 

  • After this incredible event Arthur was crowned king of Britain at the age of 15. Things were not easy for him. Read about it and answer all these questions:

  • 5. Who helped Arthur to rule Britain?
  • 6. Who gave him the magic sword? What's its name?

  • After great success in different battles against the Saxons Arthur was considered a brave king. Read about this good period in his life and answer the following questions:

  • 7. Where was King Arthur's palace?
  • 8. Who did he marry? What did they receive as a wedding present?
  • 9. Who were the "knights of the Round Table"?

  • But Arthur was not successful in love. His wife fell in love with another man.

  • 10. Who was that man? What was his name?   You can find the answers here.

  • Let's go on a tour of Arthur's Britain. Find on this site the real places where: 

  •  11. Arthur was born
  •  12. The graves of Arthur and Guinevere were 
  •  13. Merlin did his magic
  •  14. Camelot is 
  •  15. You can see the Round Table

            FINAL TASK

You are the king or the queen of a very small country. You need twelve counsellors to sit at your round table who will be of great help in your important decisions. Choose among your friends, classmates or family those twelve persons who would sit around your table. 

Explain who they are and then justify your choice