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Global Warming Impacts

1. Watch this  video form You Tube which has some images from Al Gore's video "An Inconvenient truth"

  2. Scientists have spent decades trying to find out the causes of Global Warming. The natural cycles can affect the climate, but there is something else: Read about it and answer these questions:

  1. What causes the Global Warming?
  2. Who emits them and in what way?
  3. What is the worst gas responsible for Global Warming?

3. Watch this interactive video from National Geographic about how the Greenhouse Effect works and look at the chart that shows the impact of greenhouse gases on Earth's temperatures.

  1. Name the Greenhouse gasses and explain where they come from.

4. Let's go back to the effects of Global Warming on the different continents. Concentrate on Africa and Asia.

  1. Explain in your own words in what way these continents will be affected.

5. Every time we think of this we worry about what we can do to stop it. You should know that everything you do counts.

Watch this video and find out what your number is. Is it high or is it low?

 Click on this link  (clean-air kids)  and write the things you could do to reduce air polution and global warming.


 Transcript of the video:An Incovenient Truth

"If you look at the ten hottest years ever measured they've all occurred in the last 14 years and the hottest of all was 2005.  Scientific consensus is  that we are causing Global Warming.

 _I'm Al Gore, I used to be the next President of the United States of America..."
This is Patagonia seventy-five years ago and the same glacier today.  This is Mount Killimanjaro, thirty years ago and last year.  Within a decade there will be no more snows of Killimanjaro.  This is really not so much a political issue so much as a moral issue.  Temperature increases are taking place all over the world and that is causing stronger storms.

Is it possible that we should prepare for other threats besides terrorists?      The artic is experiencing faster melting . If this were to go on,  water lever worldwide would go up  twenty feet.

This is what will happen in Florida.  Around Shanhai, home to 40,000,000 people.   The area around  Calcutta, 60,000,000.   This is Manhattan,  the World Trade  Centre Memorial would be under water.

Think of the impact of a couple of 100,000 refugees and then imagine 100,000,000 . We have to act together to solve this global crisis.


6. When you finish your work you can check your knowledge with these two Quizzes: 

1. Global Warming Quiz (National Geographic)




 1. On the video you have seen some of the effects that Global Warming is causing on Earth.


  2. Think of   these questions and try to answer them in your own words:

 What countries will be more affected by this? 

What places on Earth will suffer  more emigration? 

 What countries will   suffer more changes in their  population rates? Why?