The Anglo-Saxons

What happened when Romans left Britain?

         The Anglo-Saxons's fantastic site

 When the Romans left Britain in 410, Britain didn't have a strong army so the Anglo-Saxons  could conquer it easily. 

 Where did they come from? Look for this information here.  Let's get some information about the Anglo- Saxons.   

First  read about the invasion ( look at the different  pages) and answer these questions:

1. Which  parts of Britain  didn't  they conquer?

2. Why did they come to Britain?

  • 3. Where did the Angles, the Saxons and the Jutes settle?


            When  the Anglo-Saxons arrived in Britain, they built small settlements ( asentamientos) of two or three houses at first. But then, they became small villages: Read about  their life   and answer the questions:

  • 5. Describe an Anglo-Saxon house and a village..
  • 6. What jobs did people have?

Read about their beliefs:  

At first the Anglo-Saxons were pagans and believed in many gods,

10. Can you name some of their gods?  

11. What type of superstitions did they have? 

12. How did they bury (enterrar) their dead  people?  

13.What religion did they turn into later

 14. What religious buildings did they build?


Now read about their pastimes and discover these things:

12. What they ate and drank in parties or feasts , the musical instruments they played and the name of the letters of their alphabet and their favourite sports.

But the Anglo-Saxons had some enemies who wanted to conquer their lands. Read what happened to them and answer these questions:

15. Where did Vikings come from?

16. Why did they invade britain?

17. What was the name of the area conquered by the Vikings?


 Now you know a lot more about the Anglo-Saxons. Congratulations. You can play some  games, go to Activities and do Hild and the village feast.