Shakespeare seen by children

We'll learn  some hints about Shakespeare's life and plays  through the works of Grade five and six primary students at Critchton Park School, in Canada

Open a window to Shakespeare's work and life thanks to this web page elaborated by students from Critchton Park School.

Watch this Power Point Presentation and answer these questions:

  • Shakespeare Intro

    RobertOwen Jones
    • Where was he from?What centuries did he lived?
    • What did he probably study at school?
    • How many children did Anne and William have?
    • What is the name of the theatre William and his friends built?What happened to it?
    • Why is he considered to be a "prolific" writer?
    • What are the characteristics of the language he used?
    • Name some some characteristic of Shakespeare's theatre.

Now we are going to read Shakespeare's timeline and the pictures and letters the schoolchildren have elaborated. Answer these questions:

  • What language does he have to speak at school?
  • What is the name of the first play he goes to see?
  • What were Ann and William wearing on their wedding day?
  • How does Hammet, Shakespeare's son, express his sadness when his father leaves?
  • What terrible thing happened in 1594?
  • William writes a letter to Susanne when the Globe theatre is built, why does William think that people liked his plays? 
  • What play was being performed when the Globe theatre burnt down?
  • When Shakespeare died, what did the journals say about him?
  • Why did Susanna feel his death was her fault?



We'll work on

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