You will work in pairs: You will analyse demographic data for selected countries in the world. You will also construct a population pyramid and speculate on differences in the quality of life in those countries.

    • 1. Before you start you should know what a population pyramidis and what it measures: Write it in your notebook.

Now it is your turn to construct a population pyramid:

2.You will analyze two countries and will compare them, one from column A and one from column B: Let's say Afganistan versus Japan, Angola versus Germany or Cambodia versus Spain.

    • Check on this site to get the population data about them. Look for the country and and go to "People". Then complete this chart about each of the countries you chose:

( Here you have the word document)

3. Once you have selected the information about each country, you can check the specific data you need to construct your population pyramids:

Your Task:

Build two population pyramids, each one of you will build one. First draw it in your notebook and then on your computer, using excel. In pairs, analyze them and compare the variables in the following way:

    1. Compare the demographic variables and the pyramid for each country. How does the pyramid reflect the variables? (for example, How is the birth rate reflected in the base of the pyramid?)
    2. Characterize the level of development in the country- high, medium, low? Give two examples from the pyramid to support your decision.
    3. Compare countries from column A with countries from column B. compare the demographic variables . Write at least three sentences comparing them.
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Lola Aceituno and Antonio Rodrigo