Healthy eating, your best choice for a healthy life

We are going to research the importance of choosing the correct food and physical activity in order to keep healthy.

1. First of all you should look up these words in a dictionary. You will find your research easier:

to miss / junk food / research / nutrients / carbohydrates / fuel / starch (starchy food: hidratos de carbono) / dairy food / fat

2. Watch this video in which Rosie introduces her friends and answer these questions:

.Tony is very disappointed, why?

.What is his real problem and how can he solve it?

.We are going to help Tony to eat properly, ok?

3.Go to Food and Fuel and find out where the body gets its fuel from.

4. Now that you know where the fuel comes from, draw a food pyramid in which we can distinguish the five food groups and the correct proportions we should eat. You can find this information in this link: Food facts

5. Find the nutrients in each of the food groups and write them next to the pyramid. After that comes the most difficult part: explain what each of the nutrients does for your body.

6. You must know by now what is good for you, and what food you need to be healthy, so check what you have learnt and do this matching exercise to see if you recognise the nutrients in the different food shown.

7. Before doing the final quiz, you should read some pieces of advice carefully.

You are ready now for the QUIZ to check how much you have learnt!!!!! Congratulations!!

BUT, think of your own diet: ARE YOU A HEALTHY EATER?????? Create a healthy menu for a day!!

Lola Aceituno