Teaching for
 1st ESO


  • In the 1st century B.C., Rome was no longer a city. It was the capital of a great empire. Romans ruled land from France to North Africa. 

  • Look at this map and name some  current (actuales)  countries which were under the influence of Rome.
  • What do you know about  Britain before the Romans invaded it?

  • Click HERE to find the answer to these questions:

  • a) Who ruled Britain before the Romans invaded it?

  • b) What year did The Romans invade Britain definitely?  Which Emperor sent the Army to conquer Britain?

  • When the Romans were ruling Britain, things were not easy. Some Celts decided to make peace with them, but in other parts of Britain there were terrible battles against pirates or people from different tribes, like The Saxons. Read about this.

  •  Answer these questions:

  • c) Why did the Romans build forts?

  • d) Can we find remains of Roman roads  in Britain today?

  • e) Name the three types of enemies the Romans had to fight against in Britain.

  • f)Why did Emperor Hadrian build a wall? What is the name of it? How long is it? How long did Romans take in building it?

    here you'll find more information about Hadrian's wall

Romans stayed for a long time in Britain and they established a particular way of life. Let's learn

a little bit about  their everyday life,  where they lived and what cities they founded. Answer these questions:
  • g) Where did rich people live? Describe their houses.

  • h) Where can you find these houses in Great Britain  now?

  • i) How do you know that Manchester was a Roman town?

  • Let's see what they did in their free time

  • j) Name three activities the Romans enjoyed.

  • k) Where in Britain can you find the most famous Roman baths?  Have a look here too.

  • If you look at this TIMELINE you can calculate:

  • l) The number of years that the Romans stayed in Britain.