Using Calc in class and Excel at home to build population pyramids

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A population pyramid is a specially-formatted form of horizontal bar chart.

You are going to have the instructions to use Calc and Excel in Spanish and some words in English.

Follow the instructions carefully and in the end you will be able to build a population pyramid.


First of all you are going to learn how to use CALC, the spreadsheet (hoja de cálculo) programme that corresponds to Open Office. Click here and follow the instructions and do the exercises in class.

Once you know how to introduce data on a spreadsheet, you'll have to use Excel at home.

Click on this page by Julio Pérez Díaz that explains how to make a population pyramid step by step using Excel.

Use the data of these two countries to practise: Brazil and United Kigdom and follow the instructions.

Lola Aceituno and Juan José González