My name is Jason. All my life I had experienced, what I felt to be events related to the so called "paranormal". Over time and several residences I had experiences that snowballed into a spiritual crisis. I set out on a personal journey of investigation and research trying to figure out how to deal with my life and experiences.

I am a normal guy, with a normal loving family, normal job, educated. Kind of a liberal with an old fashioned "American" way of life. A healthy outlook on life. Being raised an evangelical Christian did not prepare me or give satisfaction in my quest for knowledge. Neither did delving into the sciences and my educational background. Exploring my family history and mental health offered only uncertain explanations that were unsatisfactory. So I set out on a great Spiritual journey. I became a student of comparative religion, a student and amateur researcher into all things paranormal. Being well read in most academic subjects, I started out a skeptic. Perhaps because of that; At the time- in the beginning I had a very jaded view. As time went on, my 'education' in these field's moved further along; My experiences started exponentially increasing. My awareness of "other" becoming more acute, culminating in several years of intense focus. This web site is a record of that.

I'd like to think of my past experiences like that of a mystic. I explored different aspects of mediumship for personal spiritual growth. My primary interests laid in Afterlife research, Scholarship, History, Grief support, Emotional growth, and Spiritual Evolution. I worked on Spirit's terms, not mine nor anyone Else's. I tried to focus my interests with intent, and dedication for the greater good. I did not participate in any mediumship for divination, entertainment or idle curiosity. Nor did I facilitate such for others. I did not accept payment for advice or facilitation. If facilitation did happen it was just as likely to be from guides, angels, as it was from anyone else. I tried to have to respect whatever happened. My philosophy was rather old fashioned in nature. I believed each Spirit should be treated with the utmost respect and consideration and contact should only be inquired about in formal appointment after proper connection.

2014 Update

Garden of Unicorns

And I looked back through gardens of delight and horror and saw at its center a unicorn.
Stilled by what I know not, i returned its gaze and felt kinship. An eternity, yet quick as a moment it was gone.
Long will I remember its beauty. For in my garden there was a unicorn. -- Jason

‘May  the gardens of your life be full of flower and what seems singular, full of many blooms.’ --photo and text c. Jason, 2013