Have you ever gone through life; the biggest journey, feeling like youre a part of something huge, but not knowing what, always feeling like there is something more, a lot more, but you don't know what.That youre missing out on something big going on around you. What is it that you can't see? What is just around the corner? Can you see it? Can you hear it? Can't you feel it?

"It is not the shape of the clouds that give meaning,
but the meaning we give their shape that matters

--"Charlie" -- An inspirational saying from a channeled dis-incarnate spirit that I learned about online.

** 2019 NOTE**
At some point soon, I am trying to do 2 things. Convert the content of this site into an E-book, and possibly convert it form the 'old' GOOGLE site format, to the new one. I am not sure when or how that will look, but it's possible the URL or layout will change. In any case I hope the E-book will make the content easier to go through.
All of this depends on my health and job, so I can't promise when, only that I hope this year. --
-- Jason