Hula Hoop Competition

Physical Activities for Families

Hula Hoop Competitions {You will need 1-2 (or more) hula hoops for these}

    • Best Moves

        1. Who can keep their hula hoop going the longest?

        2. Who can do the best trick while hula hooping?

        3. Who can "Thread the Needle"? [move the hula hoop from one hand, over your head, and down your body]

    • Long Jump

        1. Put 1, 2, or more hula hoops in a row. Who can jump over them all?

    • Ring Toss

        1. Put bottles away from the line where you will toss from. Aim to get the hula hoops over the bottles.

        2. Fun variation: Mom and/or Dad can be the target! Get the hoop over their heads without hurting them!