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Personnel Ministry

In general, the purposes of the Personnel Ministry Group are to support the staff of the church, meeting with each staff person semi-annually, and addressing such issues as compensation, benefits, and working conditions. 

More specifically, the group develops an annual personnel budget; performs a yearly review of staff goals; provides guidance and support to the staff through the development and maintenance of personnel policies (including benefits); consults with and intervenes in matters of personnel issues, taking appropriate action where necessary; acts as a liaison with other ministry groups, committees and task forces in the area of personnel; interviews prospective employees and recommends hiring, or termination; performs exit interviews when staff members leave; and provides overall support to staff as needed.

We would like to think that the group has positively impacted each staff member and their professional life within the church, making First Congregational Church a wonderful place to work and allowing each staff member to feel fulfilled, yet challenged professionally. Further, a great staff who is happy and fulfilled positively impacts not only the people who attend services at FCC but all those who come in contact with the church for any reason. So the work we do hopefully has far-reaching effects, both inside and outside of the FCC walls.