Tuesday Night Faith & Spirituality

The Faith & Spirituality discussion group meets Tuesday evenings from 7 to 8:30 pm, with rare exceptions, or during inclement weather or in the summer when we might switch to twice monthly. We typically watch a 20 to 30 minute DVD (could be a single topic DVD or part of a weekly series), then discuss the DVD and opinions presented in it. Topics have covered such things as the reason for God, the stages of faith development, the reason we’re each here, Saving Jesus in a modern-day world, etc. We also periodically examine and discuss magazine article or recent news stories that are faith-related.

It’s hard to pick out a particular story or anecdote about how the group and its work has affected someone. Rather, it’s like so many things in life—at least one person has been and will be touched by something presented each week. And everyone who attends walks away with a little bit more knowledge than they came with, thinking about something thought-provoking that was presented or discussed. One woman, in fact, said she was grateful to have found the Tuesday night group because it had been years since she'd had such in-depth, thoughtful discussions about faith.

Our human spirit intertwines with our daily life. These discussions give those attending a chance to explore and enhance their own spirituality, while learning about the spirituality of others. Why not have your dinner, then come and give yourself a chance to feed your soul? We look forward to having you join us!