Building & Grounds Ministry

The Buildings and Grounds Ministry Group has the huge responsibility of repairing and maintaining a large facility that includes a 100-year-old-plus sanctuary – a sanctuary where thousands of services have taken place through the years. Beside housing passionate worship services, the facility has provided space for many of life’s transitional moments such as baptisms, new members being welcomed into the church; confirmation of young people who are committing their lives to Christianity; marriages for couples excited about the their future as a family; or memorial services and celebrations of life for those who have passed on to a new life with the Lord above. As a ministry group we also care for and celebrate the Christian Education wing of our building as it provides the nurture and fellowship for people, young and old, to grow in their faith. The church building has not only hosted activities for its members, but has provided extravagant hospitality for concerts, exhibitions and other organizations providing important community services and events.

Indeed, our building and grounds are a precious resource and our Ministry Group works to preserve it for another hundred years and beyond.