Benevolence Ministry

The Benevolence Ministry Group (BMG) has existed since 1980 and gives voice to the following mission and outreach efforts from our Membership covenant:

We declare our purpose to be to discover the will of God for our lives, and to mediate the spirit of Christianity and the things of God to our community, that God’s will may be fulfilled in individuals and in society.”

The congregation at that time established that a fixed percentage of pledged income (currently 12%) would be allocated to BMG for the purpose of supporting “our church’s wider mission” (OCWM) through our association with the United Church of Christ (UCC) and through the funding of local service agencies (i.e. Day-by-Day Warming Shelter; Tri-County Dental Clinic; Habitat for Humanity; Community Food Pantry; and many others). We also periodically support our members in mission and outreach activities (i.e. mission trips; National Youth Exchange conference; etc). Today, approximately 65% of those funds go to support UCC in its efforts from the state to the world-wide level and 35% is used to support local efforts.

BMG may also choose to sponsor “special offerings” of the church which raises money beyond the funding of the annual campaign. At present they are usually held on Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter. Other special offerings may be held for special needs such as a national disaster.

BMG determines how to allocate these funds each year and is open to suggestions from the Congregation. Contact Anne Ruby or any member of BMG with suggestions or comments.

Anne Ruby (Facilitator)

Vicki Drabandt

Len Herricks

Eric Kropp

Jean Narel

John Nichols

Cheryl Pagel

Bob Poeschl

Mary Wiedenmeier