Wenselijke processen van verandering

Onze samenleving laat een verandering zien van onze gebouwde omgeving. In deze pagina laten wij zien wat er mogelijk is en wat er gaande is. Welke wegen zijn om welke redenen te waarderen of moeten voorrang krijgen?

Brussels 1576

City 1650 - 1700

Frankfurt 1872

Berlin 1900

Bombay 1950

New York City 1966

City 1980

City 1990 - 2010

City's 2020 and beyond

Cities; The Basic Elements

Every City has some basic elements build on the needs of the people. Transport, food, water, living and shelter, light, inspiration are the basic human needs in general.

The elements you can find in a city are nearby the following; metro, bus, train, library, museum, shops, schools, nature, roads, bicycles, flats, all sorts of company's, restaurants all sorts, repair all sorts, trade, cinema, hospital, meeting places and more.

Basically can these elements can been found in every city in the last few hundred years. Only the form is changing and things like internet and telephone and the use of materials making a building. Also the aspects of green- nature, natural are changing and things like; 'cheap buildings' instead of nice.

Used materials

In the nearby past most of a city was made of stones, iron, glass both in all sorts and forms.

Today we see much more; stone, iron and other materials, plastic, asphalt, concrete, rubber, copper, wires and pipes ...

What do we like?

Our goals could be a city to well being in any aspect. Natural, healthy, dynamic... Or; economic, efficiënt, smart, straight .. maybe both? People need nature and a natural environment. It looks like so far that we form cities without of with a small amount of nature. All sort of illness are the result of this decission. At this moment al lot of cities change their policiy into more natural, natural area's in cities and the use of natural materials and green buildings. On the roofs, around and in the office or at home.

Our cities are future proof?

Most of the time they aren't. It all depends on; electricity, food transport, internet - www, fuel, police, social help and more like wood, stones, and so on. Until somewhere around 2015 for the first time in history half of the population is living into city's around the World. Are cities and our economic system are unstable in all aspects; food, energy, roads, buildings, water .... So we formed instable systems without the possibility of self supply. We have to change our way of thinking and acting and make it more stabel

Cities proper by population;

Cities in General;

Examples in another way of living;

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