Hertzogtum of Rechburg

Ruler(s): Herzog Constantine II
  • Royal Family - Prince Blaise Wilhelm, Eldest Son & Heir; Prince Leopold Wilhelm; Princess Lynette Caroline
  • General D'Este - Commander in Chief of the Army
  • Baron von Allerberger - Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Location: The Herzogtum is located in the north-west of the european continent near Denmark.
  • Capital: Rechburg.
  • Language: not known.
  • Religion: not known.
  • Government: not known.
  • Population: not known.
  • Trade: A fabulous selection of beers is it's principal export. It has been reported that they also having a thriving industry producing dubries, whatnots and fandangos.
  • Maps: not available
  • Places of Interest:
    • The cathedral in the capital is of particular architectural intereset, along with it's altar tryptych painted by Bosch
  •   Aggressor states:
    • Duchy of Caledonia, Ruler - Prince Charles. There has been constant friction between the Duchy of Caledonia and The Herzogtum von Rechburg, the friction largely due to the personal animosity between Herzog Constantine II and Duke Rupert.
  • Army

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  • Navy
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