Welcome to the 4th edition of Who's Who and What's What. The format has changed slightly and the editors hope that you find this satisfactory.

Brother James, the Wittenberg royal historian, and his assistants at the Augustinian monastery of Alt-Wittendorf have produced this compendium of the states of Europa with their rulers and other supplementary information. We apologise if your country is not currently listed here; our scribes are continuing their research and only update the contents when a new entry is completed. You are invited to inform him of any errors or omissions - please consult the Submissions page.

Please note that the Map of Europa is being re-worked by the cartography team.


Recent Updates

  • 23-Aug-2020 - Page added for the Kingdoms of Mittelheim

  • 14-Aug-2020 - 4th Edition, revised format. Move to new Google Sites.

Published by Marschalk and Lufft of Wittenberg [established 1520]