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Talk about it.

There are many opportunities and possibilities depending on a variety of factors... who are you, what is your network, where you live, how many you are, how powerful, are you a manufacturer, do you offer services, or maybe you are a group of financiers, ... do you want to expand or stay in your region and reinforce your Leadership position using our "Kyoto Protocol"/Low Carbon Economy insights and network?

Let us interview you/your organization/company, exchange some viewpoints and see how to take it up from there.

Can't harm, can it ?

Facts: the Carbon Friendly Economy
2007:   62 billion $ turnover in CO2e-Certificates alone
2008: 100 billion $ turnover in CO2e-Certificates alone
With USA joining the Kyoto Protocol,
the need for the CO2e-Certificates will rise to 3.000 billion $ by 2020, that's 3 trillion $ ...
More sectors - e.g. transport, aviation, computer manuf., ... are coming under the Kyoto Protocol,
more and more countries responsible for the Global Climate Destabilisation come under the Kyoto Protocol,
we go from a -8% CO2e-reduction obligation to -20/30% by 2020 and -60/85% by 2050 !

In the past many didn't recognize when they lived during turning-point moments in history
and missed major opportunities or strategical alliance opportunies.  Let this not happen to you!

If you want to exchange an Mou/Nca/Nda ... that's ok for us.

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