How can I make money in the Low Carbon Economy/with the "Kyoto Protocol"?

Learn to speak "Kyoto".  The quicker you are with both your feet standing in the Green economy, the quicker you can show others who are still in the fossil fuel based economy, that by collaborating with you, they too can quicker get to the Green Economy and bring additional resources, customers, opportunities to their side.
Learn to work with our 1CO2e-coin to catch people's attention.  Weave it into your elevator pitch.  
Take our Kyoto Protocol Fire-up Package.  We start from where you are now.  Let's analyse your strengths, weaknesses and where are the opportunities, what could be threads.  Let's organize a 1 day session with in the morning a lecture to bring the whole management and board of directors up to date and in the afternoon a workshop to give the team time to think what they are going to do with the received information and how this is going to impact their strategic plan.

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