Join our International Association

  1. Why ? 
    1. Speed to succes: in average we can help new associates make money within 3 months.  Testimonials.
    2. Because of our interesting and logical Referral Reward Program.
    3. Because you get additional share holder value for you/your shareholders, earn money, be rewareded with shares following a very logical Remuration and Share Distribution & Acquisition Logic.
  2. How to make money/create additional share holder value for you / your shareholders ? 
    1. Simple, if you help other associates make money, you get a part of the profits.  These profits come in the form of money, and/or a recurrent revenue and/or part of the shares in and/or our association and/or the Special Purpose Company that's being set-up by the Association e.g. to implement a Wind-turbine farm generating CO2e-Certificates.
  3. What additional share holder value benefits will you get from adhering to our International Association? 
    1. Exposure
    2. Tapping into the knowledge and relational network base of the association.
    3. Benefit from joint purchase power: we regularly buy jointly smart-phones, laptops, ..., CO2e-certificates, Technologies.
    4. Share in a professional 24h/24h - 7/7 answering service and ICT-services.
    5. Representative services: when one of our members is present at one or the other expensive Carbon Fair, you'll also benefit from our name that's being circulated and the leads that come in and that are posted on our dedicated leads mailing list.
    6. Speed to succes: in average we can help new associates make money within 3 months.
  4. How to join?
    1. Simple: send us an email explaining what additional value you bring to our association: SvenAERTS228 at