1. One of the seniors of the association interviewed me over the internet/voip.  I felt respected because I was immediately offered an Mou/Nda/Nca = Memorandum of Understanding / Non-Disclosure Agreement and Non-Circumvention Agreement and during the meeting a Business Meeting Checklist and Report was drafted, so that I felt reassured that all info I released was protected more than in any other conversation with other companies.  They were very realistic in the time we had to spend to go over all points and clearly delimited all aspects to get to a situation where we would both benefit from and the remuneration agreement would be satisfactory and logical for all parties involved.
  2. From Small to Big
    1. Small: making money from scratch with intro-lectures and Carbon/CO2e-merchandising.
      1. I admit, I'm an individual with resources equivalent to a regular graduate in a developing country.  Together with one of the seniors of the association, we brainstormed a list with possibilities, prioritized them and worked out the first one: Representing the Association in my region, giving intro workshops and selling Carbon merchandising.  All representation material, the workshop presentation and Carbon merchandising came under a Creative Commons Copy-right balancing, leaving me the choice to create something myself from scratch or build upon what others had already made and benefit from that person's experiences and win a lot of time.  The share the person asked was soo small, I couldn't believe it, "pennies on the dollar".  They really aim for small earnings x a huge amount of times = a nice remuneration for work shared.  The association is 100% internet and imho future oriented.  I got a coach assigned to me with whom I agreed upon a plan of action and time line.  I have a 3 month grace period to organise at least 3 workshops and earn revenues with it, however modest.  I only have to pay after this 3 months grace period.
    2. Big: 500 Windturbines
      1. I am mandated by a local government to look for interesting parties to implement some 500 windturbines on land the local government owns.  The association made me realise this was going to proof a lot more difficult that I thought; the local government was only going to give me a succes-fee an no intervention in my operational costs, going to find interested parties, hotels, airplanes, ... I got a crash course Financing Renewable Energy Projects, Special Purpose Companies and a toolset to bring all parties necessary around the table and get them to sign - contract templates and even presentations. I got a list with financiers to contact, etc.  I got a coach dedicated to me who made a plan of action and timing. I now have 1 month to bring together a local construction and operation team that can make it very plausible they can design, build and operate such a 500 windtrubine farm, and what they want in exchange for entering a Special Purpose Company for the 500 Windturbine Farm.  If not I will remunerate all people of the association 525€/workday they spent on me. Then we will work out a feasibility study and economic plan which we will then present to a set of financiers.  Fair deal.

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