Investment fund to invest in CO2e-certificates

  1. CO2e certificates are generated when 1 ton of CO2equivalents is removed/prevented to escape into the atmosphere. This is verified by an independent third party and certified, hence the name: 1 CO2e certificate.1CO2e duckat at the EU DG Environment Greenweek
  2. CO2e certificates are created / handed-out / managed ultimately by the United Nations. More specifically the department of the - who delegates its authority to emit them to a Designated National Authority - DNA, mostly in the Ministry of Environment / Energy in every country.  The proces is completely the same as how money is generated / printed in the your country / the world economy: Your National Bank is the ONLY one allowed to print the money = DNA.  The National Banks control each other in the Inter-banking System where the rules for generating money are laid out, i.e. the UNFCCC equivalent.
  3. cf. Picture.  We won a price at the EU - DG Environment/Climate Change making a tangible making visible this whole CO2e trading.  There is a big need for this as CO2e is a gas - hence invisible, the CO2e certificates are 100% electronically traded - a 100% electronic money - so very safe ! and they're traded on the stock market which is only existent on the internet basically.  So the whole Emission Trading was quite abstract to many.  Our tangible 1CO2e coin made from bioplastic was therefore welcomed a lot and rewarded with a price.  We use it daily during our "Kyoto Protocol Fire-up Workshops".  
  4. Since 2005, you can open a current account, a savings account, an account holding your shares and bonds, and ... a CO2e certificate account on which someone can transfer CO2e certificates.  Since the CO2e-Emission Trading System is world wide signed by just about any nation, CO2e-certificates are the first true World Currency: accepted and understood exactly the same all over the planet.  Hence: since 2005, Carbon is Money.
  5. CO2e certificates are traded on the stock market or bought directly from projects that generate CO2e certificates.  Prices go up and down according to offer and demand.  Example:
  6. Anno 2012, prices were very low because the follow up on the Kyoto Protocol was only endorsed by some countries and the EU.  With Kyoto II being signed end 2012, there is a good opportunity to speculate on the rise in value of these CO2e certificates.  They are now at about 0,7 €/CO2e certificate and expected to rise to 25€ around 2020.  That's over 200% rise annually.  We think this makes it responsable / defendable to invest a moderate % of your wealth in this commodity. Our opinion in shared by market leaders and e.g. an investment fund manager holding a licence to emit such funds in the European country and Island of Malta.  We hold a 33% stake in the company managing that fund.  More:
  7. To set-up an Investment fund allowing to invest in CO2e-Certificates, contact us: skype SvenAERTS or one of our offices: Contact Us.