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  1. Targeting CO2e-neutrality?
    1. Step 1: it's cheap and makes a great gift, especially parents or grandparents that seem to have already everything they need.  Did you know an average household can be CO2e-neutral by buying 1 CO2e-certificate, i.e. for less than 15 €?  Calculate your footprint with a calculator and see for yourself.  15 € and you're offering a friend, parents or business relationship to be CO2e-neutral for a year, wouldn't that be an original gift?
    2. Step 2: You're not under the Emission Trading System obligations to lower your CO2e-emissions, but you want to be CO2e-neutral or compliant ? You want the calculation for yourself to be done according to the strict rules in place, verified by an independent auditing organisation?
  2. Want to invest / hedge in CO2e-Certificates?
  3. Where can I buy CO2e-certificates?
  4. What is the comission I can get on the CO2e-Certificates?
    1. Chocolate CO2-Dukats?
    2. Carboard CO2-Dukats?
    3. Plastic CO2-Chips?
    4. Valuable Metal CO2-Dukats?
  5. Can I acquire shares in the company or group?
  6. How can I make money in the Low Carbon Economy?
  7. What is a Virtual Office?
  8. Why a Virtual Office?
  9. What are the different CO2e-Certificates on the market?

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