* Spy Robot

As a first intend to create robots for the Home Automation, a Spy Robot was built, using a Raspberry device.

This Robot can be controlled remotely, via Internet and wifi, with a smartphone or a tablet with android operating system.

It is inspired in this link: WebIOPI in the MagPI. The difference is that to control the robot an Android application is used instead of Python and HTML scripts.

This project uses WebIOPi, a REST framework which allows you to control Raspberry Pi’s GPIO.

List of materials and budget:

The total budget is: $ 111.72

It has two sources of energy: a 7.4V battery for motors and a 5V battery for the Raspberry.

To control this spy robot it has been built an android application, which has a screen that allows to remotely via Internet control the spy robot: watch the web camera installed on the robot, take photos, and move the robot (righ, left, up, down, and stop). The photos are stored in the android device.

This application was developed with App Inventor 2, and this is the source code.