* Wind Turbine

In order to try energy generation using wind in the geographic area that surrounds the house, a 400 W power and 12 VDC wind turbine was purchased and installed. This turbine generate the power to the house during all day while there is a minimum wind speed of 3.5 m/s.

The generated by this wind turbine generator can be monitored remotely and online in Monitoring Ongrid System.

The installation and use of this wind turbine generator is easy and it has low cost.

The list of materials and budget is:

The total budget is: $ 269.00

This turbine is connected to the Ongrid system. See page Renewable energy

  • Apollo Wind Turbine Generator , $ 189.00
    • Iron pipe 5m, $ 50.00 (local market)
  • 2 Cables 10 AWG, $ 20.00 (local market)
  • Hose for electric cables, $ 6.00 (local market)
  • 2 iron clamps, $ 4.00 (local market)