* Light control with Android App

This Arduino project allows to control lights remotely with

an Android App and automatically using determined hours to turn on/off the backyard lights. This improves security and give more comfort.This Arduino system allows to turn on/off lights in a 3-way switch fashion and follows:a) Manually with a 3-way switch mounted on the wall.b) Manually and remotely with a screen in the Android Application.c) Automatically with times setting (ON and OFF) with the Android Application.This Arduino system turn on 8 LED light bulbs automatically at about 6:00 pm and turn them off at 6:00 am, this period can be changed with the Android App.

The Android App allows to remotely via Internet: watch the camera placed on the back of the house, turn on/off the garden lights, and set the time to turn on and off these lights.

List of materials and budget:

The approximate total budget is: $ 56.89

Some technical details: the RTC (Real Time Clock) module is used to know the real time; a 120VAC small light control with the photoresistor is used to know if garden lights are turned on; and, the time settings (hours and minutes) are saved on the m2mlight.com platform.

The Android App sends orders to the Arduino and accesses the data of m2mlight.com.

This is the: Arduino Code