* Light control with motion sensor

This Arduino project allows to control lights with a motion sen
sor which is installed at the
start of the first floor stairs
, which is forced passage of pedestrian circulation in the house. Lights are turn on for about 3 minutes when motion is detected. This systems works only at night, this allows to save energy and gives comfort.

Additionally, light sensor values are stored on m2mlight.com plattform.

An Android application has a screen that allows to remotely (via Internet) watch the camera placed near the stairs.

This Arduino system turn on/off lights with a motion sensor and in a 3-way switch fashion.

List of materials and budget:
The approximate total budget is: $ 63.16

The motion sensor is an small device (5 x 2.5 cm) that can be mounted on the wall, and is adjustable: time-delay, sensitivity (distance) and light sensitivity.

This is the  Arduino Code