* Home garden

In general, from any part of the house you can see something green.

Along all terrain where the house is located, there are the following plants: vegetables, fruits, trees and flowers. Vegetables and fruits

are in a small orchard, which is located next to the kitchen, trees are on the backyard and the terraces, and the flowers are around the trees at the house entrance and on the backyard. Plants are planted directly into the ground and some in 30 flowerpots.There are 18 vegetables such as: spinach, chard, mint, rosemary, celery, oregano, basil, parsley, hot pepper, red pepper, peppermint, chamomile and tomato.

In this house, 15 fruits types of fruits are planted, including: strawberry, grape, passion fruit, cucumber, lemon, avocado, fig, gooseberries,strawberries, babaco and blackberry.

There are 37 trees including: acacia, small palm, large palm, bamboo, pine, brush and ficus.

Finally, 25 flowers are planted, such as: cartridge, climbing and pansy.