* Doors control and photobean detector with Android App

This Arduino project improves comfort and security, allowing to open and close the doors

with an Android application; and also it performs the treatment of a photobean detector control signal.It allows to do the following tasks:

a) Open/close the garage door with the Android App.

c) Open the peatonal door with the Android App.

d) Sound the alarm when photobean is broken and send an alert email

e) Sound and silence the alarm with the Android App

When motion is detected a signal is sent from the photobean detector mounted on the front wall of the house.

List of materials and budget:

The approximate total budget is: $ 52.88

Additionally, a TP-LINK Powerline Network Adapter is used to have a wired connection to local data network, using home's electrical circuit, since the distance to the nearest routeris great.

The Android Application has a screen that allows to remotely via Internet: watch the live camera placed on the front of the house, open and close the garage door, open the peatonal door, and sound and silence the alarm.

This Arduino project uses Optocouplers(Photocoupler) and Triacs to control 3 devices:

a) A Garage Door Opener MARANTEC XE700 using a PC817 Photocoupler , which permits start/stop a motor with a 24 VDC system controller.

b) A SFM-27 High Decibel Alarm, using a PC817 Photocoupler , which permits to sound the alarm, closing a 9 VDC circuit.

c) A combined doorphone KOCOM KDP-602A/D, using a MOC3020 Optocoupler and a BT136 Triac, which allows to open the peatonal door with a relay that is energized with 16 VAC.

In cases a) and b) Triac is not required because it is direct current.

Also this Arduino is integrated with the twin photobean detector Enforcer E-960-D90Q, reading the signal when motion is detected and sounding the alarm. See Security

This is the Arduino Code