Renewable energy

In this house, local energy a low cost  is generated to reduce the electricity bill, and cooperate with the environment. The house has two systems with its own clean and renewable energy:

- Solar Heater

- OnGrid System

1. Solar Heater:

The sun’s energy is used to produce heat to warm water. A hot water pipe solar system was purchased in the local market. This solar heater has a tank of 300 liters and a 1,000 watts electrical resistance backup heater of 120VAC.

2. Ongrid System

This house has an small ongrid system which the solar photo-voltaic panels and wind turbine generator are connected to the electrical service provider. This ongrid system has the following components:

The list of materials is:

- 1 x DC Wind Turbine 400 W 12V

- 2 x Solar Panel 112 W 18V

- 1 x Grid Tie Inverter 400 W

- 1 x Grid Tie Inverter 300 W

- 1 x Charger Controller 1000 W

- 1 x Dump Load 1000 W

- 1 x Battery 100AH 12V

The inverters are connected to a internal circuit from the public electric energy network. The energy generated by the inverters, which converts direct current (16VDC) into alternate current (120 VAC) is automatically synchronized with the public network.

Unfortunately, the solar inverters have very high losses. Energy losses are about 60%