* Indoor environment

This house is full of natural daylight,  obtained from: orientation to the sun, big windows, skylights and translucent wall panels. Given all these, it is reduced or even eliminated the needs for auxiliary heating and cooling.

The construction is oriented to the sun. At rise sunlight is captured from the east and late afternoon sunlight enters from the west. This natural light through big and well-placed windows around the house.

There are skylights in the living room, master bathroom and corridors; and translucent wall panels in some areas like the master and social bathrooms.Also, the most of interior walls are painted with light colored (White and Matte), which facilitates the energy saving advantages of natural light. Also, this house was painted with a specially paint that has a low content of Volatile Organic Chemical elements (VOC), which is dangerous for health.Additionally, all rooms on the three floors have a suspended ceiling of 25 cm of height, which has the following advantages: sound proofing, moisture and sag resistant and energy efficiency.