* Ongrid System Energy Monitor

In order to monitor remotely and online, via Internet, full information of the ongrid system, an Arduino project was implemented. Data are stored on m2mlight.com platform.

This project is inspired in the following link: Energy monitoring

This Arduino project allows to monitor remotely and online the following information:

- Irms Inverter1 in amps

- Irms Inverter2 in amps

- RealPowerInverter1 in watts

- RealPowerInverter2 in watts

- Vrms Inverters in volts

- VDC battery in volts

- VDC solar panels in volts

- VDC wind turbine in volts

- IDC battery in amps

- IDC solar panels in amps

- IDC wind turbine in amps

- Generated power in watts

List of materials and budget:

The approximate total budget is: $ 74.59

The Android Application has a screen that allows remotely via Internet to monitor some values.


This is the Arduino Code for this project.