* Solar Photovoltaics Panels

To profit the solar availability in this region, two homemade solar photovoltaics panels were built. The goal was to test some techniques in DIY (Do It Yourself) to built solar panels at home in order to evaluate costs and benefits. The used material: solar cells, wire and flux pen were purchased via Internet at Ebay, then the process of weld them was followed. Each panel has 32 poly solar cells 6x6, organized in 4 columns and 8 rows.

Given that each cell has 3.5 watts, the total power for each panel is 112 watts. The voltage of each cell is 0.5 V., then the total voltage for each panel is 16 V.

The generated by solar panels can be monitored remotely and online in Monitoring Ongrid System.

The construction is inspired in this link Glass frame DIY solar panel

The approximate total budget for each panel is: $ 95.01

The panels frames are built of aluminum which was purchased in the local market in strips and then cut it in parts.

One structure to place these panels on the terrace was built also with aluminum. It is oriented to the north with an inclination of 10 degrees.

These solar panels are connected to the Ongrid system. See page Renewable energy

These two panels are connected in parallel and it generates approximately 210 watts in a sunny day, since the Icc is 6.5 Amp. and the measured voltage is 17.5 V.

    • These two panels are built with two plates of glasses. One of these panels use a tempered glass for the front in order to improve the efficiency.List of materials and budget for each panel:Part of Solar cells, $ 32.01
    • Part of Wires and Flux pen, $ 20.77
    • Part of Silicone sealant, $ 6.27
    • Part of Self-adhesive Tiny Bumpons, $ 1.55
    • Simple glass of 5mm for the back , $11.00 (Local Market)
    • Simple glass of 4mm for the front , $ 8.00 (Local Market)
    • Aluminum for frame, $ 12.00 (Local Market)
    • 2 cables #14 AWG, $ 2.00 (Local Market)
  • Some nuts and bolts, $ 1.50 (Local Market)